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Buying Agents and Off Market PropertiesFAQs

The Role and Services of a Property Search Consultant

Why use a Buying Agent?

Estate Agents view us as valued allies due to the fact that anyone prepared to instruct us to act for them are obviously keen and willing purchasers. We do not restrict ourselves to using only Estate Agents but are also in constant contact with private vendors and their advisors, Land Agents, Solicitors, Architects and Surveyors, ensuring that we have up to date market knowledge. In short no stone will be left unturned to find the property that you want.

Do you have access to ‘Off Market’ properties?

At BarkerStourton we are nearly always aware of properties quietly available to purchase. These might be properties that have been on the open market in the past but have been withdrawn for whatever reason or properties that vendors do not wish to advertise publicly for personal reasons, perhaps divorce or debt.

Do you view all potentially suitable properties on my behalf?

At BarkerStourton Property Search we will endeavour to view every property on your behalf before you inspect. This will enable us to talk with authority on all aspects of the property, without being reliant on agent’s particulars (which can be misleading!). Sometimes we will only have a limited access to properties that may be privately available and as such we may have to view with you having not seen it previously.

Do you sell property as well as buy?

We are not an Estate Agent and therefore do not sell property. An Estate Agent acts solely in the vendor’s best interest, whereas we act solely in the purchaser’s (your) best interest. We can however offer advice as to who might be the best selling agent for you if you have something to sell.

What type of properties do you acquire on behalf of your clients?

We acquire all types of residential property, from thatched cottages to classic country houses, Manor Houses and Old Rectories. We are also proficient in the acquisition of Farms and Country Estates. Please feel free to call us to discuss your individual search budget and requirements.

What are your fees?

We charge a nominal initial registration fee (£1,000 plus VAT) and this provides you with one year’s search with BarkerStourton. On finding and exchanging contracts on a property we then charge 1.5 percent of the purchase price (plus VAT). This commission becomes payable within 7 days of the exchange.

What happens if two clients have the same brief?

At BarkerStourton Property Search our policy is to work with only one client with the same search requirements. This arrangement gives our clients added reassurance that we are acting solely on their behalf and are totally focused on their needs.

Are BarkerStourton Property Search clients favoured as buyers?

BarkerStourton clients are recognised in the property market place as serious purchasers. Our reputation to get ‘the deal done’ holds sway with the Estate Agents and as such an offer put forward by us will be taken very seriously. In a competitive bidding scenario an offer from a BarkerStourton client will be viewed in preference to one from an unrepresented buyer.

How long does the whole process take? 

Our target at BarkerStourton Property Search is to find the right property for you and complete the purchase within 6 months. Obviously a lot will depend on the specific requirements of the client and indeed the capability of the vendor to complete within that timescale.

Can you help with a rental search prior to purchasing?

At BarkerStourton we are happy to conduct a rental search, but only for clients who are then going to continue the search for a permanent residence. We charge one month’s rent (plus VAT) for this service, having already been signed up on our normal purchase terms. We have access to all the rental agents and the local estates who rent properties and of whom you might not be aware.

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