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Testimonials for Barker Stourton


"We would never have been able to buy our house near Sherborne without Tim and Tom. From the start they listened carefully to what we were looking for, advised us on the art of the possible and then found us the perfect house."

We live in London so it was essential to have someone nearby - they were the first people to see the property when it came onto the market and (rightly) insisted we came to see it immediately. Most of all they were fantastic when it came to negotiating and securing the house - Tim knew precisely what to do, was completely in control of the situation and knew exactly how to make sure we got the house we wanted without paying over the odds. He more than earned the fees by making sure we didn't overbid and has since proved invaluable in recommending surveyors, architects, project managers etc. A really exceptional service; we can't recommend them highly enough.

Mr & Mrs Nick B

"We were lucky enough to be recommended BarkerStourton personally to help with our country house search.

Tom and Tim were incredibly knowledgeable, always available, endlessly patient and forever in-tune with our wishes.  They helped to make our purchase amazingly smooth and happy, especially as for part of the process we weren’t even in the same country!

We are beyond thrilled to have engaged BarkerStourton and cannot recommend them highly enough.  Thank you, thank you.”

Mrs Lisa A

“Tom Stourton and Tim Barker did the most spectacular job for us.

They purchased our house on behalf of another client within 4 hours of it going on the market and then within weeks introduced us to a range of houses which included the one we bought which is spot on and just what we were looking for.

But more important they were the best possible people to deal with. They talked our language; they were available 24 hours a day without complaint; they put up with wobbles and changes of mind; they were consistently patient and charming. I really cannot fault them. They were absolutely the best. Anyone who needs a house in the West Country should use them. They are both expert at what they do but in many ways very different people. Perhaps that is their secret. They complement each other extraordinarily well.”

Mr & Mrs Colin D

“We approached BarkerStourton when we wanted to buy a weekend house in the Wessex area.

Because we were both working in London it was very difficult for us to spend time viewing properties and dealing with Estate Agents. Tom and Tim came up to London to persuade me to use his services which they successfully did. The sign on fee was a great deal less than his competitors and they were convincing.

They looked at about thirty properties on our behalf and send on the details with comments. One house looked promising which I came down, saw, liked and bought.

The owner was a tough negotiator and Tom did splendid work dealing with all the problems and issues that arose.

They also put us off some early ‘amusing’ properties for which I remain grateful.

Altogether it was an excellent experience for us and I would unhesitatingly recommend BarkerStourton to anyone.”

Mr James S

“Moving from London we had been searching for a house for nearly a year before we decided to use BarkerStourton to help.  It turned out to be the right move.

They were absolutely honest about the market and our (constrained!) resources but at the same time fully understood the brief.  They were a pleasure to deal with and only got us down to view realistic options - including the house we finally bought, which, had we seen the brochure alone, we would have not even bothered viewing.  In negotiating the price they were firm but fair and made sure everyone got a move on when lawyers etc. got involved.  I thoroughly recommend them.”

Colonel & Mrs Richard C

“We have been happily settled in the home that BarkerStourton found for us, for a year now.  We were looking for our ‘Happy Ever After’ house, and after two years of unsuccessful trying, still hadn’t found the one.

We were becoming increasingly frustrated, when BarkerStourton was recommended.  We found Tom and Tim professional, delightful and the process straight forward.  Within no time, they succeeded where we had failed. 

Their ability to source ahead of property coming to market, proved to be invaluable.  There is no doubt that we wouldn’t be living where we are, without their help. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Mr & Mrs Jeremy L

“We were introduced to BarkerStourton Property Search  when we moved new into the area and were looking to buy a family home

having failed to find anything suitable through the usual channels, we decided to take advantage of Tim and Toms’ service and were impressed by their detailed knowledge of the local areas, the pros and cons of each house and location viewed, their ability of hearing about properties that were soon to come on the market, their experience of dealing with estate agents and home owners and their overall professionalism and friendliness, resulting with the end success of finding us our home! Certainly a service to recommend.”

Mr & Mrs Mike F

“We have constantly been praising the excellence of the service you gave us to all and sundry on every conceivable occasion.

There can be absolutely no doubt that without your excellent service we would never have heard of Rimpton or been in a position to buy the property. The property ticked all boxes and is marvellous. Every visitor we have had to stay has expressed the view that they prefer it to their own property and say how very fortunate we have been. Although at the time of purchase I did not need to use the Lift it has proved to be a Godsend! Yours and Tim’s service was truly superb, and without it we would still be looking for something suitable. Initially Susie and myself were cautious about engaging property searchers generally but you and Tim quickly dispelled any doubts we might have harboured and were so impressed by the attentive service you gave us which could not have been more excellent.”

Viscount & Viscountess D

“I employed the services of Tim Barker of BarkerStourton to find and help acquire a substantial country house set in its own land near to Sherborne in Dorset.

Since we lived in Kensington, London at the time of the search we needed someone local who would check on potential houses so as to avoid time wasting situations. In the event, Tim showed us details of a house that looked perfect and fitted all our requirements before it was released to the open market and appeared in Country Life. Two days later we visited the house, offered immediately and exchanged within 14 days. Tim helped with all aspects of the purchase including the appointment of a local solicitor and surveyor and was on hand to help take the transaction all the way to completion.”

Mr Simon W

“Ours was a purchase that had to be completed with speed, tact and at the right price and BarkerStourton achieved all that. Tim and Tom's assessment of the market was spot on and they were careful to explain the opportunities and risks as negotiations progressed. Appreciating that we have a busy schedule they were very clear about what needed to be dealt with urgently or otherwise.

A potential hitch close to exchange was overcome because they were able to draw on their market experience and in particular their extensive local knowledge and contacts. All the questions we had were answered quickly and efficiently enabling us to proceed without any undue delay.

On a personal level it has been a pleasure dealing with Tim and Tom and the service has been excellent, both during the negotiation period and since. I have no hesitation in recommending BarkerStourton to others.”

Mr & Mrs Rupert A

BarkerStourton worked with us for a period of eight months, and the relationship culminated in Tom and Tim helping us to negotiate the purchase of an ‘ideal’ property.  During that time, they showed us a total of around ten properties, all of them close to the quite demanding brief we had given them.

Their knowledge of the area is second to none, and their local contacts ensured we had ‘pre market’ information about most of the properties. 

Tom and Tim were also able to ‘warn us off’ properties which had superficial appeal, but potential ‘hidden problems’.

Overall, we found BarkerStourton to be highly professional and conscientious, yet easy to work with.  We would be happy to recommend them.

Mr & Mrs Robert L

“I was very grateful to the person who introduced me to BarkerStourton. House hunting can be extremely stressful, but mine was not and simplified by the great trouble that was taken by both Tim Barker and Tom Stourton.

Their main concern was that as many boxes as possible could be ticked...they were and continue to be so, with much satisfaction in my new house, and huge pleasure.”

The Countess of L

“When my friends come to visit the first question they ask is, “How did you find the house?”. The village where my house is located is very secluded, a hidden away gem that exudes ‘Old England’ charm.

I would have never discovered it without Tim & Tom. I was thankful to have discovered BarkerStourton Property Search, following a meeting with Tom Stourton and Tim Barker in Sherborne -  I was convinced that they were going to make a total difference to my search. If I had continued my house hunt on my own I would have never come across the kind of high end, elegant, well positioned house I ended up purchasing. It took only a few months for them to carry out the search for me and we eventually visited 5 properties, one of which I ended up buying! My answer to my friends when they ask is always the same, I was able to move out of London because I had chosen professionals to act for me, they assisted me with a level of ability, honesty, politeness and knowledge that is seldom seen these days. I highly recommend their expertise to assist anyone wishing to move to the counties in their patch which they know so well. Without them a search of a couple of months may have lasted a couple of years or possibly longer.”

Mrs Vittoria A.

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